39 De Grey in Hull, also known as “The Hostel” has become one of Britain’s most haunted locations to visit. With chilling sights of dark figures standing in the hallway, cries being heard and a woman claiming she has been dragged from her bed when staying at De Grey. These are just a few reports of Paranormal activity within this menacing building. Many people who have stayed at De Grey haven’t spoken about their experiences, as they feel they are to terrifying to relive. The De Grey street house’s where built in 1847 and ooze with history and even poltergeist activity. Many people have walked through the doors of 39 De Grey and have left with unexplained experiences. Mirrors are covered due to the owner seeing “Things” through them. A child has been seen looking out from the window, locals called the police as the building was in darkness, not lived in and they thought someone had broken in. The most intense feeling within 39 De Grey, is the Evil spirit that lurks, waiting to connect to its visitors. Dare you join the Supernatural Diaries Team, as they Investigate 39 De Grey for their first time!


Multiple Paranormal Investigators

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1 Paranormal Researcher

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Paranormal Investigation

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Tony Hindley is a world renowned published psychic with a great reputation that supports the authenticity of his work.

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