Accrington Old Police Station & Courts, is a Grade II listed building. Standing on the edge of
Accrington Town Centre, built in 1933 & designed by Percy Thomas. The courts and Police Station
opened its doors on May 9th 1935, until its closure in 2016. Unexplained knocks have been heard,
doors closing on their own, loud footsteps and bangs. Some have reported hearing disembodied
voices coming from the cells and corridors. There are stories dating back to the late 13th century,
three Cistercian monks murdered on the grounds of Accrington Old Police Station & Courts. Dare you join the Supernatural Diaries Team as they enter Accrington Old Police Station & Courts?

Multiple Paranormal Investigators
1 Psychic Medium
1 Researcher
Hot & Cold Drinks, Light Snacks
Full use of all equipment
Paranormal Investigation
Fully insured Paranormal Company
Multiple Qualified First Aiders
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Reservations Until:25/11/2021 12:00 AM
Starts on:27/11/2021 07:30 PM
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£ 38.00

Tony Hindley is a world renowned published psychic with a great reputation that supports the authenticity of his work.

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