September 2021
25 Sat
09:00 PM
39 De Grey Hull
39 De Grey in Hull, also known as “The Hostel” has become one of Britain’s most haunted locations to visit. With chilling sights of dark figures standing in the hallway, cries being heard and a woman claiming she has been dragged from her bed when staying at De Grey.
October 2021
2 Sat
08:00 PM
The Vernon Institute
Voices have been heard from many, full bodied apparitions have been seen by some visitors. Dare you join Tony & The Team
16 Sat
09:00 PM
Walton Hall
Walton Hall & gardens is situated in Warrington and was built in 1836. Both eerie and beautiful, the hall was a family home up until 1941. In 1941 the Hall was sold to Warrington Council, who soon after the war ended opened the hall and gardens for the public to enjoy. Walton Hall is a grade II listed building oozing with history and spirits who still walk the grounds and The Hall. Many sightings of previous owners and children being heard playing, have been reported. To this day some staff are fearful of c
November 2021
1 Mon
08:00 PM
30 East Drive - SOLD OUT
This event will show as sold out - Please send a message in regards to East Drive Take part in a HALLOWEEN SLEEPOVER Ghost Hunt at the famous Poltergeist House 30 East Drive.
20 Sat
09:00 PM
The Regent Cinema - Blackpool
Located in the heart of Blackpool Town, The Regent Cinema invites you to come and enjoy a movie experience like no other! Originally opening its doors in 1921, The Regent Cinema boasted 1092 seats and a retractable roof. It proved to be a popular cinema for decades before it was used for bingo during the week in 1969. First opened as The Regent Picture house on 17th of January 1921, this two-story auditorium has served many purposes since it first opened. The Cinema now invites Paranormal Investigators
27 Sat
07:30 PM
Accrington Old Police Station & Courts
Accrington Old Police Station & Courts, is a Grade II listed building. Standing on the edge of Accrington Town Centre, built in 1933 & designed by Percy Thomas. The courts and Police Station opened its doors on May 9th 1935, until its closure in 2016. Unexplained knocks have been heard, doors closing on their own, loud footsteps and bangs. Some have reported hearing disembodied voices coming from the cells and corridors. There are stories dating back to the late 13th century, with three Cistercian monks re
December 2021
11 Sat
09:00 PM
Ancient Ram Inn
The Ancient Ram Inn dates back to 1145 and is known as one of the UK’s most haunted places to stay! Built on a Pagan Burial Ground, The Ancient Ram inn is oozing with Paranormal Activity and “Strange” happenings.

Tony Hindley is a world renowned published psychic with a great reputation that supports the authenticity of his work.

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