Intuition Fortune cards

Psychic Medium Tony Hindley has designed and created his first set of reading cards. Intuition Fortune Cards.

Pack information

Designed and created by Author Psychic Medium Tony Hindley 

37 cards in total, 36 readable cards, 1 Secure the deck card


Medium black drawstring bag 

1 Clear Quartz Healing Crystal for the protection of the Cards 

How to read

YouTube video for guidance 

Help from Tony Himself 

About the Author 

Tony Hindley is a renowned Psychic Medium, whos work spreads all over the world. His first book "Using Your Intuition" was published in 2018. 

He works as a Paranormal Investigator with Supernatural Diaries Experience. Over the years Tony has gained a large following from all directions. 

His passion for reading cards have lead him to create his own unique reading cards.

The Cards

Each of the cards are unique in their own way. From pictures Tony has taken himself to his family members personal photos. Some of the pictures have been taken by his friends. 

Animals feature in the cards and these animals are either Tony's pets or the pets of his friends. 

This is why this new set of fortune cards are so unique. His Great Uncle, Great Grandmother and Grandfather can be seen within the deck. 


Tony Hindley is a world renowned published psychic with a great reputation that supports the authenticity of his work.

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