DARE YOU ENTER...Coming soon!


Horror based escape room, with some live actors. We are currently revamping our escape room and having more built. 
Group Bookings
Group bookings available for individuals or corporate events.
Monitored Events
We always monitor all our active .escape rooms.
Horror Based Escape
Our horror escape rooms always bring out your innner screams .
Party Bookings
Party events are always brilliant fun for escape artists young or old .

What our escapees say

  • Ryan


    "Just completed the escape room at supernatural dairies, what can I say?. It was a fantastic experience and worth booking. All our senses were heightened with excitment, panic and fear. We managed to escape in 50mins with 5 clues."

  • Joanne


    "My daughter and her friends escaped from the escape room at the weekend with only minutes to spare. They all absolutely loved it Thank you Tony and the crew for making it a very memorable birthday for her xxx"

  • Lisa


    "Wow! what an experience, we loved every minute of it and would highly recommend, very challenging, keep up the good work guys"

  • Gareth


    "I completed the escape room last week. I thought it was fantastic! It's the 2nd escape room I've done and by far the best. It was both thrilling and terrifying. Definitely would recommend this to groups of ppl. Brilliant!
  • Dawn


    This was my first ever escape..wow! I managed to get out in 49 mins with 8 clues. I didn't think I would get out at all and there was a surprise at the end that freaked me out. Great clues & very freaky. The room reminded me of the evil dead. Its a must go!

    Tony Hindley is a world renowned published psychic with a great reputation that supports the authenticity of his work.

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